You are invited to join me as I share thoughts and contemplations along
my journey in life (65 years). A little bit of this and that ... thoughts and reflections,
memories, musings and so much more. I look so forward to your comments.
My words in this little blog are straight from my heart to yours.
I pray you will feel at home here and will take the time
to do some reflecting and to relax and ponder.

The captivating Forest beckons you. Just knock on the door and enter.
I hope you will be fascintated and enthralled by what you find!

May God bless you richly today.

Holy hugs, Donna/Donsie


Saturday, April 7, 2012



Though darkness surrounds me on every side, I seek to find a place where I can hide. Then I remember the Secret Place of the Most High. When trouble surrounds me, I won't bow my knee, to the threats of the evil one, and the lies that he speaks. I just run to the Secret Place, I find rest in the Secret Place of the Most High." ~warrior~ © 2011

How to find God in the Secret Place and how to soak in His Presence... beautiful music


Jesus is waiting for you in His high tower, His pavillion of love.. Come fellowship with Him, come to the place of intimacy and deep trust, leave all fear behind. Father God is the One who longs and yearns for you.  Seek Him with all your heart.. He will bring healing to your soul, comfort to your mind, strength to your body, protection from the enemy, .. He is our present help in time of trouble, our advocate, our friend, intercessor, the glory and lifter of our head hung low, our joy, the lover of our soul, our redeemer, our sacrifice, our hope, the one who feeds us with fresh manna, the giver of life and so much more.  Come with sweet abandon into His arm of love.


Friday, August 26, 2011



Given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit while in meditation with the Lord 6/1/10. I was reminded again of a particular morning years ago in the Smokey Mountains, while walking through the woods and the sun was beginning to stream through the trees. I was overwhelmed with love for God and His creations.

I was listening to some instrumental soaking music, when this word came as I reminisced about that wonderful morning. I want to meet each morning with a Morning Kiss for my sweet Jesus!

Ps: I just love this picture what a sweet abandonment unto the Lord. I love the angelic beings descending from the heavenly realm too. If you look closely at the background of the picture you can see two wolves in the background ready to devour.. quite interesting.


You come to me as in an early morn' in the forest, Your sunlight peeking through the trees like a morning mist, sprinkling my heart with your touch, with your approval, your protection, your blessing. I am softly and gently immersed in your love as I feel the warmth of the sun beginning to rise before my awaiting heart. "Awake my Beloved" you speak so tenderly into my ear.. awake and see what I have created for you this day"! It is a new day..a new beginning. "Lord, I reply, You have kept me thus far, through the nighttimes of my life, safely enfolding me in the blanket of your arms, Your presence is so gentle upon my soul, filling me with hope and anticipation of a new day".

I greet you Father, in the misty morning. I am here with You, You take my breath away with your beauty and you fill my senses with the fragrance of pine. Evergreen, reminding me that Your love is ever growing inside of me, fresh and invigorating, and Your mercies are new every morning. I am anointed, rejuvenated anew by Your divine caress.

I join with the lily of the valley, the violets, and the jack in the pulpit along with all the forest creatures, who await your morning kiss, as gentle as angel's wings upon us. You have given us another day to love You, to thank You for being YOU!! I embrace Your love. I realize for the first time, I am not the only one waiting to receive Your touch. I in this moment come to understand, all creation worships You. I receive Your touch, You are my God. All is silent in your presence, all is well with my soul. A holy hush envelopes us.... I meet You here……. I meet You here. The misty Smokey Mountains before me remind me to look up and know from whence my help comes from .. it comes from You, the giver of all life. All my earthly concerns fade into nothingness in the beauty of this moment.

Father, may all come to know the reality of your presence in face to face encounters with You. Oh my Lord, my desire is that they will experience the width and breadth and depth of Your love. My heart cries out, "You are majestic oh my God and Your beauty overwhelms me. Come, my soul, let us rejoice and run to the arms of Our King, our Saviour, our friend and greet Him with a Morning Kiss"!!


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Friday, July 8, 2011



This has always been my happy appetizer recipe... you will see why when you read how I got it!


8 ounces Hellman’s mayonnaise
good amount of dried onion flakes
you can also add minced garlic if desired
1 cup fresh parmesan cheese grated
4 ounce can green chili peppers chopped well, and drained well
1 can 15/16 ounces drained whole artichoke hearts (not in oil) diced well and drained and squeezed
1 dash of worchestershire sauce mix well

Place in shallow baking pan (glass or corning ware)
cook 350 degrees for 30 minutes till bubbly and browned
serve warm with white restaurant style tortillas chips
Totally Yummy!
I always double the recipe as I never have any left over
It is a sure crowd pleaser, it is a bit expensive to make, but it is so delicious
PS You can add 1/2 package drained and squeezed frozen spinach to recipe if desired

This special recipe was given to me by the parents of a woman my late husband and I took through major deliverance. They ran a catering business and gave us this recipe as a blessing as we loved it so.

They had a "Set Free" party for their daughter with all her family and friends, and we were blessed to be the guests of honor. She had not only been tormented for years, was also barren and her marriage was on the rocks.. she now is so happily married, ministering to others, and has two gorgeous children!

God is SOOOOO Good!! Enjoy~

PS.. We were also able to minister a bit to her twin sister too~~ A double blessing!!